FRANK SINATRA August, 1992
Thank you very much for thinking of us with the marvelous sparkling wine ! We all enjoyed it and I appreciate your being so kind, thoughtful and generous ! It was great ! With my warmest
Firma di Frank sinatra
Our wines have been appreciated by true experts of international renown.
Even famous people we have bestowed praise ... Likewise, the press often took care of us in terms of praise. This simply means that even on your table for a special event or for the pleasure of every day, our bottles will make a great figure.

Today some companies are emerging from the anonymity of mass production, look for a place among the producers of excellence.A company model for this new order is one that feminists would approve because it is governed entirely by the sisters and Maria Giulia Giovannella Fugazza.
Nicolas Belfrage,Master of Wine

Fugazza sisters, "Their wines get better every year, and more trustworthy"
Maureen Ashley, Master of Wine

A historic winery in the hands of modern women.
Gitte Hindholm - Book "Italiens wine"
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